Making learning real

Ms. Anam Doris

P1 Teacher Changemaker, Bunyama Primary School, Kiryandongo District, Uganda

Through the Teacher Changemaker movement, teacher Doris created an innovation with the name “Making learning real.” She successfully went through the process of innovating, implementing and when it came to the influencing cycle, she opted to work with 5 targeted students who were identified and supported to improve on their a‚ttendance and classroom behavior.

While sharing about a new skill of conducting a classroom audit during the second network meeting, Doris picked interest in the skill and took it seriously with the aim of improving on her micro-innovation. She then engaged her pupils in making a classroom audit and together they identified that their classroom was lacking a nature corner and a reading tree which they had seen in primary three. Learners sourced for materials around the compound and at home so as to have the missing items put in their class.

Together with the learners, a nature corner and reading tree were set up in primary one and thus learners now jealously guard their tree and other reading materials so as to improve their performance. Children now feel excited about their classroom and this has also enhanced the sense of ownership among these learners who look at setup items as part of their effort. Children also see very clearly what they learn about their environment and this has enhanced a print reach environment in their class, something which was not common to them.

…You are now well prepared to take on your role as Teacher Changemakers seriously without fear but rather take on risks wisely for the change, growth and development of the students we teach in all aspects of life. Do all the good you can; in all the ways you can; in all the places you can; at all times you can; to all the learners you can.