We’re building a solid movement toward education systems where intrinsically motivated teachers & officials learn & improve together, to enable children to become lifelong learners. The immense effort demands collaborative support.

We regularly convene our diverse partners in collective forums & steering groups to help shape our strategy, honestly assess our progress & help us overcome critical roadblocks.

Government Partners: We ‘ve already formed deep relationships within the national & state ministries of India & Uganda – working closely with leaders at all levels to co-shape & steer the effort. As we develop our 2030 strategy, we’re looking to expand our geographic footprint to 1 or 2 additional countries post-2021.

Teacher Union Partners: In partnership with Education International, we align our intrinsic motivation approach with the professional strategies set by teachers unions for their members. This includes a pioneering relationship with UNATU in Uganda, where its representatives support local government officials to run national teacher networks at the secondary level.

Funding Partners: We’re fortunate to be backed by 18 of the world’s leading funders – from bilateral & multilateral donors like DFID & USAID, to innovative corporate & family foundations like MasterCard & Segal.

Global Policy Partners: To align our approach & strategy into global & national sector plans, we’re proud to work closely with leading global education actors like the Global Partnership for Education, Education Commission, UNICEF & the World Bank.

Programme Partners: We’re constantly seeking innovative new material to use in our teacher networks – relying on historied organizations like Teach for India & RTI for content development. We also coordinate our efforts with government, NGO & system-improvement partners to make sure we complement & accelerate the work of others where possible.

Evaluation Partners: We look to renown universities & best-in-class organizations for independent assessment of the impact of our work. And we partner with thought-leading groups like JPAL & DFID’s RISE team to find new ways of evaluating & measuring impact for the sector.

Academic Partners: Beyond sharing research findings & insights among our government partners, we open our learnings to & solicit feedback from the higher academic community. We currently have partnerships with University College London (Institute of Education), Stanford, Cambridge, JPAL & IPA.

Technology and Communications Partners: To enable faster flow of feedback & data to teachers & officials, we’ve engaged technology partners like EkStep to build a mobile-accessible platform that supports teachers between network meetings. And we prioritize clear messaging & communications with the help from Mighty Ally.

Funding Partners: We’re lucky to have 18 of the world’s leading donors and foundations, from bi-lateral partners such as DFID and USAID to corporate foundations such as MasterCard, to innovative family foundations. Our funding partners are deep thought partners with us on our journey and we try to be open and honest with them about our progress and challenges.


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