Many of us can remember a teacher who changed the course of our lives. A teacher who possessed an inner drive to see us learn & thrive. But that's the exception – not the norm – for most children in developing countries today.

Teachers genuinely want to make a difference. But they often find themselves demotivated in large bureaucratic systems, so their students learn very little. Traditional 'carrot & stick' motivation (e.g. performance bonuses) doesn’t solve the problem.

By 2030, an estimated 750 million children – more than 1/2 the world’s youth – will exit school without even basic secondary skills. It's a moral, economic & social crisis – a tragic waste of human potential that costs societies over $150 billion a year in downstream negative effects.

Where many see a global learning crisis, STiR Education sees a unique opportunity to empower a promising young generation to reduce unemployment, increase life expectancy & bring an end to extreme poverty.

But to succeed in an age of rapid change, children must first be developed into lifelong learners. And teachers need to be intrinsically motivated to lead the way.


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